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iPhone Versus Android

iPhone Versus Android Only eight months after Steve declared that he had reinvented the phone, Information Week announced that Google had created the iPhone’s archenemy - the Android operating system. [1] Android was built by Andy Rubin. The name and logo was copied from the video game, Gauntlet: The Third Encounter , made for Steve’s old employer, Atari. Andy liked to play with the handheld game while he cut his engineering teeth working at Apple. Like Steve, Andy has a penchant for black sweaters - but without the turtleneck. He is also is a tyrant perfectionist. “Rubin kept saying the handset has to be thinner," mumbled one tired Google team member to Michael Arrington of Washington Post , "so we made it thinner". [2] However, the stooped engineer lacks the rock-star presence of his old boss. As Bill did with Windows, Andy would rather ship his idea in many machines rather than one. He pimps out Android to any device maker that wants it. Andy’s not fussy