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Wolfgang Stockmeier: Ernst Pepping (1901-1981) - Organ Works

    Artist: Wolfgang Stockmeier at the Schuke Organ of the Oberste Stadtkirche in Iserlohn, Germany
    Album: Ernst Pepping - Organ Works
    Released: 1990
    Label: CPO
    Catalog N°: cpo 999 039-2
    Genre: Classical, Organ
    File Format: eac_iso_wv_cue_log covers 306MB

    This CD by CPO is the only recording entirely dedicated to Pepping's organworks. CPO, in his story, has a merit of several real masterworks discovered and bring to light ( as Karg Elert's works for harmonium), expecially inside German modern and contemporary organistic tradition. In my opinion, Pepping's organ music can be included in this class. Rarely you can find so strong formal concentration and phonosymbolic power in the thematic treatment; Pepping gives attention towards all the expressive possibilities of every combination, inversion, superposition. This extraordinary writing's intensity get to think of Reger's example; but more as interior lesson than explicit stylistic model. Pepping's music perhaps sounds near to Hindemith's essentiality, only more anchored to a tonal development of harmonical relations, with a strange archaic shading in ornamentation's use... Read more

    01. Concerto II - Preludium (Pesante) 05:15
    02. Concerto II - Kanzone (Larghetto) 06:52
    03. Concerto II - Chaconne (Maestoso) 08:13
    04. Partita "Wie schoen leuchtet der Morgenstern" - 1. Allegro pastorale 04:36
    05. Partita "Wie schoen leuchtet der Morgenstern" - 2. Moderato - Allegro 04:17
    06. Partita "Wie schoen leuchtet der Morgenstern" - 3. Andante con moto - Poco animato 04:15
    07. Vier Fugen - Fuge 1 (Moderato) 05:07
    08. Vier Fugen - Fuge 2 (Comodo) 04:18
    09. Vier Fugen - Fuge 3 (Allegro sostenuto) 03:33
    10. Vier Fugen - Fuge 4 (Lento maestoso) 09:29
    11. Partita "Ach wie fluechtig, ach wie nichtig" - 1. Poco lento 04:38
    12. Partita "Ach wie fluechtig, ach wie nichtig" - 2. Andante - Con moto - Allegro - Allegro maestoso 08:31

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