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Hansjorg Albrecht - Pictures from Russia - Three Organ Transcriptions

    Hansjorg Albrecht at two Organs of the Kiel's St. Nikolai
    Album: Pictures from Russia - Three Organ Transcriptions
    Released: 2008
    Label: OEHMS
    Catalog N°: SACD OC 632
    Genre: Classical, Organ
    File Format: eac_iso_wv_cue_log covers 361MB

    Hansjorg Albrecht is one of the most exciting organists of his generation. On this CD he follows up his superb triumph of the ‘Wagner Ring Transcriptions’, with these three powerful pieces for organ. Excellently played and recorded in SACD surround sound.

    MODEST MUSSORGSKY (1839–1881)
    Bilder einer Ausstellung · Pictures of an Exhibition
    (Organ transcription by Hansjörg Albrecht)
    1 Promenade 01:36
    2 Gnomus (The Gnome) 02:55
    3 Promenade 01:03
    4 Il vecchio castello (The Old Castle) 04:29
    5 Promenade 00:30
    6 Tuileries – Dispute d’enfants après jeux (Tuileries – Dispute between Children at Play) 01:03
    7 Bydlo (Cattle) 03:23
    8 Promenade 00:54
    9 Ballett der Küken in ihren Eierschalen (Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks) 01:32
    10 Samuel Goldenberg und Schmuyle (Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle) 02:07
    11 Limoges. Le marché (The Market at Limoges) 01:46
    12 Catacombae – Cum mortis in lingua mortua (The Catacombs – With the Dead in a Dead Language) 04:41
    13 Die Hütte der Baba-Yaga (The Hut of Baba-Yaga) 03:41
    14 Das große Tor von Kiew (The Great Gate of Kiev) 06:27

    SERGEI RACHMANINOV (1873–1843)
    Die Toteninsel, Tondichtung op. 29
    15 The Isle of the Dead, tone poem op. 29
    (Organ transcription by Axel Langmann) 21:33

    IGOR STRAVINSKY (1882–1871)
    Drei Tänze aus „Petrouchka“
    Three dances from the ballet “Petrushka” (Organ transcription by Hansjörg Albrecht)
    16 Danse russe (Russian Dance) 03:44
    17 Chez Pétrouchka (Petrushka’s Cell) 05:28
    18 La semaine grasse (The shrove-tide) 13:04

    total 80 : 02

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