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Jennifer Bate - Olivier Messiaen: La Nativite du Seigneur, Le Banquet Celeste, Apparition de l'Eglise Eternelle

    Artist: Jennifer Bate at the Organ of St. Pierre de Beauvais Cathedral
    Album: Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992): La Nativite du Seigneur, Le Banquet Celeste, Apparition de l'Eglise Eternelle
    Released: 2002
    Label: Regis
    Catalog N°: RRC 1086
    Genre: Classical, Organ
    File Format: eac_iso_wv_cue_log covers 343MB

    Jennifer enjoys the unique reputation as a world authority on the French composer, Olivier Messiaen, and was his organist of choice. In 1975, upon hearing Jennifer Bate perform a program of his works, Olivier Messiaen wrote the following recommendation about Jennifer Bate. " an excellent organist,
    not only for her virtuosity, but also for her musicianship and sensitivity in choosing her timbres. She is a really accomplished musician who loves what she plays and knows how to make others love it too!" This marked the beginning of a close artistic association and friendship between the two.

    01. La Nativite du Seigneur - 1. La Vierge et l'Enfant 05:28
    02. La Nativite du Seigneur - 2. Les Bergers 06:08
    03. La Nativite du Seigneur - 3. Desseins eternels 05:03
    04. La Nativite du Seigneur - 4. Le Verbe 13:02
    05. La Nativite du Seigneur - 5. Les Enfants De Dieu 04:30
    06. La Nativite du Seigneur - 6. Les Anges 03:00
    07. La Nativite du Seigneur - 7. Jesus Accepte La Souffrance 04:05
    08. La Nativite du Seigneur - 8. Les Mages 05:12
    09. La Nativite du Seigneur - 9. Dieu Parmi Nous 08:28
    10. Le Banquet Celeste 07:03
    11. Apparition de l'Eglise Eternelle 10:00

    C'est vraiment parfait!" said Messiaen after hearing Jennifer Bate's recording of La Nativité du Seigneur, one of his most extended, most moving and most beautiful works the recording of the Beauvais Cathedral organ is of demonstratation quality."
    Penguin Guide ROSETTE Award.

    "Apparition, where the eternal church really does appear out of the clouds, the vision is truly awesome"
    Gramophone Publishing Ltd

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