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Francisco Correa De Arauxo (1584-1654) - Facultad Organica I, 2CD: Jose Enrique Ayarra

    Artist: Jose Enrique Ayarra
    Francisco Correa De Arauxo (1584-1654) - Facultad Organica I, 2CD
    Released: 1996
    Label: Almaviva
    Catalog N°: DS0104-2
    Genre: Classical, Organ
    File Format: eac_iso_flac_cue_log covers 313MB, 315MB

    Francisco Correa de Arauxo (1584–1654) was the most important Spanish composer of
    organ music of seventeenth-century Spain, a skilled organist (serving at San Salvador
    of Seville, the Jaèn Cathedral, and the Cathedral of Segovia), and a significant writer on
    both theoretical and performance practice issues. However, his work Facultad orgánica
    (1626, Alcalá), which includes an extensive foreword, sixty-nine organ compositions, and
    prefaces written to these compositions, has been studied surprisingly little. Moreover,
    there are inconsistencies and also factual errors found in the Correa research carried out
    so far, in addition to the creditable work of several scholars. Perhaps the areas that have
    involved the greatest confusion until recently have been the dates and details of Correa’s
    life and the number and location of the extant exemplars of the Facultad orgánica.
    Chronologically, Correa’s works represent the period between such notable Spanish
    composers of organ music as Antonio de Cabezón (1510–1566) and Juan Cabanilles
    (1644–1712). The Iberian keyboard music can be divided into three main epochs: the period
    of the Renaissance (ca. 1500–1560), the period characterized by the divided registers (ca.
    1560–1680), and the period whose major figure was Juan Cabanilles and which was marked
    by the compositional type of Batalla (ca. 1680–1720). In many respects, Correa’s music –
    belonging to the second of the said epochs – can be termed “revolutionary,” his having been
    aptly described as having “one foot in the Renaissance and the other in the Baroque.” At
    the same time, Correa’s music continues the tradition of the Spanish keyboardists leading
    back to A. de Cabezón... Read more

    Organ of the Monastery of Santa Paula Seville
    01. Canto Llano de la... (LXVIII) 03:20
    02. Segundo Tiento de Sexto Tono. (XXII) 04:43
    03. Segundo Tiento de Primero Tono. (XXIV) 03:24
    04. Tiento de Medio Registro... (LIII) 05:38
    05. Tiento de Medio Registro.... (XXXVII) 04:20
    06. Segundo Tiento de Medio Registro... (XXVI) 05:13
    07. Tiento de Quadro Tono (XXV) 03:55
    08. Tiento Segundo de Medio Registro... (XXXIX) 04:48
    09. Tiento de Medio Registro... (XL) 05:42
    10. Tiento de sexto Tono (XXI) 03:45
    Organ of the "Real Academia de Buenas Letras" Seville
    11. Tiento de Quinto Tono (XX) 03:19

    12. Tiento de Medio Registro... (XLI) 05:31
    13. Sexto Tiento de Medio Registro... (XXXV) 03:54
    14. Quinto Tiento de Medio Registro... (XXIX) 04:56
    15. Tiento de Primero Tono (XIII) 05:02

    Organ of the "Real Academia de Buenas Letras" Seville
    01. Seguese Diez y Seis Glosas sobre el Canto Llano "Guardame las Vacas". (LXV) 08:29
    02. Tercero Tiento de Quarto Tono. (XVII) 03:25
    03. Tiento de Medio Registro de Tiple de Quarto Tono. (XXXVIII) 04:39
    04. Primero Tiento de Medio Registro de Baxon de Septimo Tono. (XXX) 09:01
    05. Quarto Tiento de Quarto Tono. (XVIII) 04:42
    06. Quinto Tiento de Quarto Tono. (XIX) 04:46

    Organ of the Monastery of San Clemente
    07. Tiento de Medio Registro de Tiple de Septimo Tono. (XXV) 05:26
    08. Tiento de Medio Registro de Septimo Tono. (XXVII) 05:48
    09. Tiento de Medio Registro de Baxon de Septimo Tono. (L) 04:12
    10. Quarto Tiento de Medio Registro de Tiple de Septimo Tono. (XXVIII) 06:38
    11. Seguese la muy celebre cancion "Susana". (LXI) 08:33

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