Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friedhelm Flamme: Marcel Dupre - Le Chemin de la Croix

    Artist: Friedhelm Flamme - (Muehleisen Organ of Stiftskirche, Bad Gandersheim)
    Album: Marcel Dupre - Le Chemin de la Croix
    Released: 2005
    Label: CPO
    Catalog N°: SACD 777 128-2
    Genre: Classical, Organ
    File Format: eac_flac_cue_log, covers. 312MB

    ...This is one of the finest organ discs IТve heard in years and even if you already have a version of Le Chemin de la Croix in your collection I suggest you consider investing in this issue as well. Recommended very strongly indeed. John Quinn

    01 Pange lingua gloriosi corporis mysterium - 3:32
    02 Station I: Jesus est condamne a mort (Jesus is condemned to death) - 2:44
    03 Station II: Jesus est charge da le Croix (Jesus receives his cross) - 3:29
    04 Crucem tuam adoramus - 2:00
    05 Station III: Jesus tombe sous le poids de sa Croix (Jesus falls the first time) - 4:18
    06 Station IV: Jesus rencontre sa mere (Jesus meets his mother) - 3:46
    07 Christus factus est pro nobis - 3:46
    08 Station V: Simon de Cyreneen aide Jesus a porter sa Croix (Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross) - 2:37
    09 Station VI: Une femme pieuse essuise la face de Jesus (A woman [Veronica] wipes the face of Jesus) - 3:38
    10 Station VII: Jesus tombe a terre pour la seconde foix (Jesus falls a second time) - 3:32
    11 Station VIII: Jesus console les filles d'Israel qui le suivent (Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem) - 4:55
    12 Popule meus, quid feci tibi; Vers 1 - 5:12
    13 Station IX: Jesus tombe pour la troisieme fois (Jesus falls a third time) - 3:31
    14 Station X: Jesus est de pouille de ses vetements (Jesus is stripped of his clothes) - 2:57
    15 Popule meus, quid feci tibi; Vers 2 - 2:16
    16 Station XI: Jesus est attache sur la Croix (Jesus is nailed on the cross) - 3:53
    17 Station XII: Jesus meurt sur la Croix (Jesus dies upon the cross) - 4:05
    18 Stabat mater dolorosa - 6:11
    19 Station XIII: Jesus est detache de la Croix et remis a sa Mere (The body of Jesus is taken from the cross and laid in Mary's bosom) - 2:56
    20 Station XIV: Jesus est mis dans le sepulcre (The body of Jesus is laid in the tomb) - 6:07

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