Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aram Khachaturian - Spartacus (complete recording): Michail Jurowski - DSOB

    Artist: Michail Jurowski - Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Rias-Kammerchor
    Album: Aram Khachaturian - Spartacus
    Released: 1998
    Catalog N°:
    10 817/18
    Classical, Orchestral
    File Format:
    eac_iso_flac_cue_log covers. 2CD ~700MB

    This appears to be the only available recording of Aram Khachaturian's complete "Spartacus" ballet; and we do not suffer by the lack of choice. This lush, Romantic work receives nothing short of spectacular orchestral presentation. And the sound is of demonstration quality, audiophile caliber.

    ACT 1 - Introduction
    The Triumph of Rome; The Slaves brought before Crassus; Spartacus
    The Slave Market; Spartacus and Phrygia parting; Phrygia alone
    The orgy at Crassus' villa; Scene-dance; Variation of Aegina; Final Bacchanalia scene
    The fight of the Gladiators
    Death of a Gladiator; The Gladiators rise up
    ACT 2 - Introduction
    The Appian Way; The Shepherd's dance; Spartacus' call to arms - The uprising; Spartacus proclaimed leader; Spartacus sea
    Crassus' villa - The Feast; Dance of Aegina; The Feast continues; Crassus and Aegina - adagio; Variation; Dance and comi
    ACT 3 - Introduction
    Conspiracy; Crassus swears revenge; Aegina schemes to help Crassus
    Spartacus' encampment; Phrygia - adagio; Phrygia and Spartacus - adagio
    Treason; Spartacus prepares for the battle; Spartacus' anguish at the doubt of some of his captains; Oath of Loyalty; En
    The Final Battle; Death of Spartacus; Lament of Phrygia and Requiem

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