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DIVOX ANTIQUA ORGAN MUSIC: Andrea Marcon - Padre Davide de Bergamo (1791-1863): Romantic Organ Works

    Artist: Andrea Marcon at the Organo Serassi, Chiesa Vicariale S.Agostino, Treviso
    Album: Padre Davide de Bergamo (1791-1863): Romantic Organ Works
    Released: 1999
    Divox Antiqua
    Catalog N°:
    Classical, Organ
    File Format:
    eac_iso_flac_cue_log covers 380MB

    Historic Organ Series’ third volume is dedicated to the music of one of the few composers who composed exclusively organ music during the 19th century. Padre Davide da Bergamo (1791-1863) was as well a famous organ composer as well as a virtuous organ player. He was very popular in Italy and as well very estimated by his colleagues. Although he took orders very early, his music kept a strong operastic flavour as the lyric drama then was prevalent in Italy. His style is still strongly apealing, with the crescendos à la Rossini, the dramatic modulations and the ample, belcantist melodies... Read more

    1. Suonatina in F-major, «Per Offertorio e Postcommunio», Allegro 3:57:00
    2. Suonatina in C-major, «Per Offertorio e Postcommunio», Allegro non troppo 4:28:00

    3. Elevazione in D minor, (cantabile Affetuoso) Andantino 4:27:00

    4. Sinfonia «All Offertorio», Larghetto espressivo, Allegro vivace, Moderato assai, Primo tempo, Moderato assai, Primo tempo, Più mosso 8:52:00

    5. La vera piva montanara | Pastorale per organo ad imitazione dell Baghetto: Andante ad Libitum, Andantino mosso, Allegretto cantabile, Allegro con spirito 8:40:00

    6. Elevazione in D-minor 4:28:00

    7. Suonatina in D-Major, Per Elevazione Andante sostenuto 4:32:00

    8. Elevazione in B-Major, Andante cantabile 3:42:00
    9. Suonata in G-Major: Allegro , Allegro marziale, Trio, Allegro marziale 5:28:00
    10.Elevazione in F-Major, Grave 2:32:00
    11. Sinfonia in D-Major: Andante, Allegro 10:42:00

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