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DIVOX ANTIQUA ORGAN MUSIC: Stefano Molardi - Claudio Merulo - Complete Organ Works Vol.2, 2CD

    Artist: Stefano Molardi
    Album: Claudio Merulo - Complete Organ Works Vol.2
    Released: 2006
    Divox Antiqua
    Catalog N°:
    File Format: eac iso flac cue log covers. 2CD ~910MB

    We are pleased to present volume 2 of the world premiere recording of the complete organ works of Merulo. These works represent the complete range of musical development of compositions for keyboard instruments in the 16th century. Since their quality had no equal at that time, Merulo’s opus is of immense importance for the history of music...

    Disc One:
    Colombi-Organ of Valvasone
    01. Toccata 9_2 07:33
    02. Ricercare 11 07:39
    03. Onques amour 04:28
    04. La rolanda 02:40
    05. La ironica 03:08
    06. Toccata 5_2 06:07
    07. Toccata 4_1 03:57
    08. La jolette 04:06
    09. La zambeccara 04:09
    10. Transilvano 04:06
    11. La benvenuta 03:23
    12. Ricercare 12 08:39
    13. Toccata 10_2 08:39

    Disc Two:
    Antegnati-Organ of Almenno
    01. Toccata 6_2 06:17
    02. L'albergata 03:56
    03. Ricercare 1 10:04
    04. Toccata 2_1 07:42
    05. La rosa 02:39
    06. Toccata 2_2 07:27
    07. Toccata 8_2 06:33
    08. La bovia 03:57
    09. Ricercare 4 06:15
    10. Toccata 6_1 05:20
    11. Petite camusette 04:28
    12. Susanne un jour 06:09
    13. Toccata 7_1 06:34

    The use of two instruments with a very different underlying sound concept made it possible to offer a larger variety of timbres and thus to give the listeners a richer palette of tone colors to illustrate the organs of the Italian Renaissance. On CD 1, Stefano Molardi plays on a organ built in 1533 (Merulo’s year of birth), located at the church of S.S. Corpo di Cristo in Valvasone (province of Pordenone, Friaul), that is not only in good condition but also under a mouments protection order issued by the Ministry of Culture and the patronage of the Italian president. It is one of the three oldest and best-preserved instruments still extant in Europe. This organ had met the Venetian taste in music and aesthetics of the Renaissance offering bright and shimmering as well as deep and warm timbres. The organ of CD 2 was built in 1588 by the famous organ builder Costanzo Antegnati. It was expanded probably in the mid 18th century by an unidentified craftsman and restored by Marco Fratti between 1994 and 1996 - an instrument of ethereal and crystalline beauty, of sweet and gentle timbres... Read more

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