Monday, August 17, 2009

RCA LIVING STEREO: Fritz Reiner - Chicago SO: Gustav Mahler - The Song Of The Earth

    Artist: Fritz Reiner - Chicago SO, Richard Lewis, tenor/Maureen Forrester, contralto
    Album: Gustav Mahler (1860 – 1911) - The Song Of The Earth
    Released: 2007
    RCA Living Stereo
    Catalog N°:
    Classical, Orchestral
    File Format:
    eac_iso_flac_cue_log covers 367MB

    01-06 Das Lied von der Erde/The Song Of The Earth 63:12

    Recorded 9 November 1959 on 3-track tape at Orchestra Hall, Chicago and issued originally as RCA LSC 2438, this vivid inscription is only the third Mahler rendition we have from the baton of Fritz Reiner (1888-1963), noted for his peerless control of orchestra and chorus, and for his implacable perfectionism. Reiner has only his Mahler Fourth Symphony (RCA 67901-2) and a Pittsburgh Symphony rendering of Songs of a Wayfarer (with Carol Brice) to supplement his catalogue in this passionate repertory, while Bruckner holds no place in the Reiner canon...
    The half-hour Farewell (Der Abschied) alternates flute, oboe, harp and contralto voice in the wistful, ineluctable leave-taking, wherein deep pools of reverie and nostalgia resonate. A spectacular, poignant reissue... Read more

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