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DIVOX ANTIQUA ORGAN MUSIC: Andrea Marcon - Girolamo Frescobaldi: Organ Works

    Artist: Andrea Marcon at the Organo Francesco Zanin
    Album: Girolamo Frescobaldi: Organ Works
    Released: 2006
    Divox Antiqua
    Catalog N°:
    Classical, Organ
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    eac_iso_flac_cue_log covers 344MB

    Andrea Marcon’s seven-part series of organ recordings centered around the celebrated composer and organist Girolamo Frescobaldi, recorded on the “Historic Organs of Treviso” reaches its culmination with this present recording.In the wide and variegated panorama of Italian organists of the 16th and 17th centuries, the figure of Frescobaldi rises to a height which would never again be attained in the field of Italian organ music. Born in 1583, Frescobaldi stood on the threshold of the Baroque era during his creative years, and, through his developing compositional style, provided major impulses for the technical innovations realised by the instrument makers of his time..... Read more

    01. Toccata VI, per l'organo sopra i pedali, e senza (Il Libro di Toccate, 1627) 05:41
    02. Capriccio sopra la Bassa Fiamenga (Il Libro di Capricci, 1624) 05:25
    03. Capriccio sopra la Battaglia (Il Libro di Toccate, Aggiunta 1637) 03:15
    04. Toccata IV da sonarsi all'Elevatione (Il Libro di Toccate, 1627) 06:59
    05. Toccata avanti il Recercar 01:24
    06. Recercar cromatico post il Credo 05:09
    07. Recercar con obligo del Basso come appare (Fiori Musicali, Messa degli apostoli 1635) 04:10
    08. Bergamasca (Fiori Musicali, 1635) 04:57
    09. Capriccio cromatico con ligature al contrario (Il Libro di Capricci, 1624) 05:40
    10. Aria detto Balletto (Il Libro di Toccate, 1627) 07:28
    11. Capriccio fatto sopra la Pastorale (Il Libro di Toccate, Aggiunte 1637) 03:02
    12. Canzon III (Il Libro di Toccate, 1627) 04:27
    13. Toccata V, per l'organo sopra i pedali, e senza (Il Libro di Toccate, 1627) 04:37


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