Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RCA LIVING STEREO: Fritz Reiner - Chicago SO: Richard Strauss - Elektra, Salome

    Artist: Fritz Reiner - Chicago SO, Inge Borkh, Paul Schoeffler, Francis Yeend, Chicago Lyric Theater Chorus
    Album: Richard Strauss (1864 - 1949) - Elektra, Salome
    Released: 2005
    RCA Living Stereo
    Catalog N°:
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    eac_iso_wv_cue_log covers 429MB

    01. Elektra Op. 58 - Elektra Soliloquy 09:34
    Elektra Op. 58 - Recognition Scene 21:37
    Elektra Op. 58 - Finale 09:49
    Salome Op. 54 - Dance of the Seven Veils 09:04
    Salome Op. 54 - Final Scene 17:03

    With ominously rumbling double-basses in the beginning of Elektra’s Soliloquy and then a reproduction of the Chicago Symphony’s brass section that make the wineglasses in the cupboard in the adjacent room chink from exaltation, I had to reach for the jewel case to check the recording date. Look at the heading: nineteen hundred and fifty six! Half a century ago! It’s unbelievable! I could have sworn that this was a brand-new state-of-the-art effort but it is in fact a very early two-channel analogue stereo recording, enhanced through some technical wizardry and served through my SACD system, which actually is quite modest, adapted to my relatively small listening room. Not only does it give this not very restrained music a punch that is felt physically in the pit of the stomach but it also reveals the beautiful and homogenous Chicago string sound in all its glory and all the details of Strauss’s marvellously colourful score. This is a sonic feast... Read more

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