Friday, October 2, 2009

History of the Organ. Vol. 3 - The Golden Age

    Artist: Xavier Darass, Andre Isoir, Gustav Leonhardt
    Album: History of the Organ. Vol. 3 - The Golden Age
    Released: 2008
    Label: Arthaus Musik
    Catalog N°: 102151
    Genre: Classical, Organ Music
    File Format: DVD5/NTSC PCM Stereo RT-52min, DVD-Decrypter ISO 4,02gb.

    The Four Volumes that make up this documentary are very informative, and include musical examples composed for the various periods which best show the advances in the development of The King of Instruments. The journey takes us from Italy, Spain, Germany and France to discover and listen to the changes that make up the history of this wonderful instrument.
    Volume One (53 Minutes) covers the Latin, or Italian, Origins.
    Volume Two (55 Minutes) covers from Sweetlinck to Bach
    Volume Three (52 Minutes) covers The Golden Age
    Volume Four (52 Minutes) is entitled The Modern Age

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    Featuring music by: Louis Marchand, Jean-Francois Dandrieu, J.S. Bach

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