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RCA LIVING STEREO: Charles Munch, Boston SO, Gregor Piatigorsky - Antonin Dvorak, William Walton - Cello Concertos

    Artist: Charles Munch, Boston SO, Gregor Piatigorsky 
    Album: Antonin Dvorak, William Walton - Cello Concertos
    Released: 2005
     RCA Living Stereo
    Catalog N°:
    File Format:
     eac_flacs_cue_log covers - 371MB, mp3 VBR 250 - 119mb

    On this CD:
    1-3. Antonin Dvorák Cello Concerto in B minor, B. 191 (Op. 104) 42:01
    4-6. William Walton Cello Concerto 29:19

    A wonderful SACD... I recently heard the Dvorak live and I found myself comparing that performance to that on this disc.The sound is excellent, with a very wide soundstage that may surprise those not used to hi fi playback. The sense of depth is also fine. The RCA transfer issued in the 1990's was apparently mastered from a protection or safety dupe and suffered from a horrendous tape splice about seven minutes into the first movement; I used to cringe in anticipation of that evil edit and the change in timbre and lurch it caused in the soundfield. I'm glad to say that edit is not in evidence on this transfer. The sense of Piatigorsky being present is enhanced by the three-channel playback and this is the preferred listening mode if you have the proper equipment ... Read more

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