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ORGAN and SYMPHONY: Gounod, Dubois, Gigout, Guilmant - Franz Hauk, Alfredo Ibarra, The Ingolstadt Philharmonie

    Artist: Franz Hauk (organ)Alfredo Ibarra (conductor), The Ingolstadt Philharmonie
    Album: Charles Gounod (1818-1893), Theodore Dubois (1837-1924), Alexandre Guilmant (1837-1911), Eugene Gigout (1844-1925) (Triumphal Works for Organ and Orchestra)
    Released: 2000
    Label: Guild
    Catalog N°: GMCD 7185
    Genre: Classical
    File Format: eac_wv_cue_log  complete scans. 298MB. MP3 (Lame) VBR-245 V0. 107mb

     Performances range from the flawless to the impassioned in these triumphant - and occasionally reflective - works
    Franz Hauk, ever-resourceful organist of Ingolstadt Minster, has been dredging the libraries and publishers' back-catalogues to unearth repertoire for organ and orchestra beyond the usual diet of Poulenc Concerto and Saint-Saлns Symphony. Whether everything on this lavishly packaged pair of discs can realistically be described as 'Triumphal' is a moot point. Saint-Saлns' charming Sйrйnade (a gorgeous quartet for harp, violin, viola and organ which deserves to be far better known) is graceful and genteel, while Guilmant's uneventful 'Adoration' for organ string orchestra- never seems to rise above a Humble piano throughout its seven minute of deep, introspective prayer. But there is sufficient music with truly triumphalist tendencies to prevent and feeling of deception. Perhaps the arrogant triuymphalish of the brass introduction to Gounod's wholly uncharacteristic Fantasia on the Russian National Hymn (the old pre-Bolshevik one, that is, familiar to all through Tchaikovsky's 1812) is not sustained, but Duhois' gloriously pompous Fantasie thiomphale certainly lives up to its name, and of all the opulent, majestic and, yes, triumphal works for organ and symphony orchestra, none in my opinion can hold a candle to Guilrnant's Second Symphony, here given a truly stirring performance...

    On this CD:

    01. Gounod - Fantaisie sur l'Hymne National Russe: Moderato maestoso 11:35

    02. Dubois - Fantaisie triomphale: Maestoso 11:15
    03. Guilmant - Adoration 06:44
    04. Gigout - Grand Choeur Dialogue 06:10
    05. Gounod - Suite concertante - 1 - Moderato maestoso 07:31
    06. Gounod - Suite concertante - 2 - Allegro con fuoco 08:56
    07. Gounod - Suite concertante - 3 - Andante cantabile 08:45
    08. Gounod - Suite concertante - 4 - Vivace 04:18
    DDD Total Time = 65.20 Recorded: Das Muenster zur Schoenen Unserer Lieben Frau (The Klais-Organ), Ingolstadt, 

    11 – 14 August 1996

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