Monday, March 15, 2010

TACTUS ORGAN MUSIC: Giovanni Maria Casini (1652-1719) - 12 Pensieri per Organo - Francesco Tasini

    Artist: Francesco Tasini. Organ Antonio Felice Parlicini (1719) (Riccardo Lorenzini 2004)
    Released: 2008
    Label: Tactus
    Catalog N°: TC 652801
    Genre: Classical
    File Format: eac_wv_cue_log scans complete. zip

    Frescobaldi’s influence is obvious, in the Pensieri, notably in the use of the principle of variation according to the so-called “cyclic principle”; on the other hand we know that Nigetti had his favourite pupil Casini “memorize” “all music” created by the most important ferrarese – “organist in San Pietro in Rome” –. The Frescobaldi pattern appears at once through the choice of subjects clearly inspired by the vocal and “ricercare” tradition as well as in the limited extent of the pattern within which the 4 voices move, the latter being a peculiar feature of keyboard ricercare and of a vocal conception that can be traced back to the Palestrinian archetype...

    On this CD:

    01. Pensiero primo 06:03
    02. Pensiero secondo 05:49
    03. Pensiero terzo 09:23
    04. Pensiero quarto 09:47
    05. Pensiero quinto 08:34
    06. Pensiero sesto 03:51
    07. Pensiero settimo 06:45
    08. Pensiero ottavo 04:57
    09. Pensiero nono 07:06
    10. Pensiero decimo 06:43
    11. Pensiero undicesimo 06:11
    12. Pensiero dodicesimo 04:43

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