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TACTUS ORGAN MUSIC: Pastorali Italiane Vol. 3 - Andrea Macinanti, Marino Bedetti

    Artist: Andrea Macinanti (organ), Marino Bedetti (oboe and English horn)
    Released: 2002
    Label: Tactus
    Catalog N°: TC 900001
    Genre: Classical, Organ
    File Format: eac_wv_cue_log, covers complete 312MB. mp3 (lame) VBR-245 V0, 116mb

    20th CENTURY After having freed itself from the heavy hand of opera, Italian organ music became impregnated toward the end of the 19th century with the fascinating universe of timbres offered by newly conceived instruments. The memorable classic approach to organ-building which had reigned on the peninsula up to that time became alchemically fused with diverse phonic characteristics of other European schools (particular the French school), resulting in innovative sound machines which were the creative work of accomplished artisans. Among these builders, Carlo Vegezzi-Bossi stands out for his genius. In his hands, the expressive capabilities of the organ become poetry, and each timbre contributes to the sonorous whole, creating a vibrant world of emotions similar to those elicited by the pen of Gabriele D’Annunzio or the brush of Giovanni Boldini We shall achieve such heights in this excursion into the Italian pastorale of the 1900s, where the joyous candor of the form often concealed complex compositional architecture. From the dawning of the 20th century, almost as a reflection of the lacerating social transformations taking place at that time... read more

    01. Vincenzo Di Donato (1887-1967) - Pastorale* 03:54
    02. Filippo Capocci (1840-1911) - Andantino pastorale 05:09
    03. Roberto Remondi (1851-1928) - Musette op. 93 04:46
    04. Ulisse Matthey (1876-1947) - Pastorale e Musetta 06:49
    05. Arnaldo Bambini (1880-1953) - Pastorale e Musetta 04:43
    06. Pellegrino Santucci (1921) - Siliciana 'allantica' for Oboe und Organ* 03:02
    07. Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925) - Noel op. 94 Nr. 2 04:20
    08. Antonio Belletti (1882-1943) - Echi di sera 04:04
    09. Ettore Desderi (1892-1974) - Pastorale 03:09
    10. Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini (1929) - Corale-Pastorale (Puer natus est) 03:06
    11. Cesare Nordio (1891-1977) - Musetta 03:45
    12. Lino Liviabella 81885-1954) - Pastorale for Oboe und Organ * 03:03
    13. Licinio Refice (1902-1964) - Berceuse 05:14
    14. Oreste Ravanello (1871-1938) - In modo lidico op. 61d: Inno Angelico 07:03
    15. Oreste Ravanello (1871-1938) - Inno Angelico 03:44
    16. Pietro Alessandro Yon (1886-1943) - Prelude-Pastorale 08:26

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