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Early Iberian Organ Music - Robert Parkins

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    5.0 out of 5 stars This bargain would be recommendable even at top price.,March 8, 2001
    Some of the organ CDs in the Naxos catalogue have not been recommendable, even at super budget price. This is one however, that would be recommendable even at top market price.Robert Parkins is a distinguished organist, harpsichord player and academic at Duke University. I have heard several of his recordings and read golden reviews of others. Here he performs on the 1976 Flentrop organ in the chapel at Duke University...

     The most striking visual feature of organs in Spain and Portugal is undoubtedly the array of horizontal reed pipes cantilevered from the façade of the main case. Yet, this peculiar invention did not arrive until the last third of the 17th century, well toward the end of the great age of early Iberian organ music (c1550-c1700). The instruments for which the bulk of the literature was written were indeed distinctive but less flamboyant, most possessing only one or two manual keyboards and rudimentary pedals (or none at all).
    The anonymous Entrada, taken from manuscripts compiled by Antonio Martin y Coll after the turn of the 18th century, specifically calls for the brilliant horizontal trumpets (clarines). The canciones that follow feature echoes as well, exploiting devices that began to appear in Spanish organs not long after the introduction of horizontal reeds... read more

    01. Anonimus - Entrada 03:39
    02. Antonio De Cabezon - Tiento I 04:25
    03. Antonio De Cabezon - Diferencias on the Italian Pavane 03:25
    04. Antonio De Cabezon - Diferencias on the Milanese Galliard 02:58
    05. Antonio De Cabezon - Tiento on Qui la dira 03:40
    06. Antonio Carriera - Fantasia on the 1st tone 02:00
    07. Bernardo Clavijo del Castillo - Tiento on the 2nd tone 05:01
    08. Francisco de Peraza - Medio registro alto 03:19
    09. Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia - Tiento de falsas on the 4th tone 04:49
    10. Manuel Rodriges Coelho - Tiento on the 4th tone 05:28
    11. Francisco Correa de Arauxo - Tiento de medio registro de baxon 04:06
    12. Pablo Bruna - Tiento on the Litany of the Virgin 07:11
    13. Juan Cabanilles - Pasacalles I 03:15
    14. Juan Cabanilles - Xacara 05:06
    15. Anonimus - Variations on the Gayta 03:21

    The American organist Robert Parkins studied at the University of Cincinnati with Gerre Hancock and later at Yale with Charles Krigbaum and Michael Schneider and the harpsichordist Ralph Kirkpatrick. In 1973 he received a Fulbright Award for study with Anton Hellierin Vienna. He enjoys an active career as a performer, specialising in early Spanish keyboard music, although his current research interests extend to the German Romantic organ and its repertoire. He is University Organist at Duke University, where he is also Associate professor of the Practice of Music and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Music. His recordings include performances of organ music by Mendelssohn and Brahms and of early Spanish harpsichord music.

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