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Orgelmusikken fra deUSYNLIGE - Iver Kleive (FLAC 96kHz 24 bit)

    STUDIO MASTER | FLAC, TRACKS,  24bit-96kHz | 586MB
    OST | Label: 2L | Catalog Number: 2L66SACD | RAR 3% Rec.,,

    5.0 out of 5 stars 
    Floating in troubled waters, 12 Mar 2010
    By BP Feringa (Netherlands)
    This CD contains original organmusic, this music supports the very powerful movie deUsynlige (troubled waters). 
    Although it is very difficult for this type of music to survive without a church or movietheatre, this CD is a pleasure to listen. It takes a harsh mind not to drift away in thoughts while listening to this release.
    I can recommend it!

     The organ music is in a sense one of the main characters in the motion picture TROUBLED WATER. Possessing a distinct personality and playing a unique role the music interacts with the drama and influences the other characters. Working on the script brought me to Iver Kleive. His experience in church music and the influence of jazz was a perfect match for the characters. Recording Simon & Garfunkel’s "Bridge over Troubled Waters" in Bergen Cathedral left a powerful and lasting impression on me. Erik Poppe, director

    01.    Bridge Over Troubled Water        03:09
    02.    Toccata        05:38
    03.    Sinfonia Al Santo Sepolcro        03:16
    04.    Velt Alle Dine Veie        04:04
    05.    Om Nogen Til Ondt Meg Lokke Vil        00:38
    06.    Allegro        03:02
    07.    Sarah        02:47
    08.    Om nogen Til Ondt Meg Lokke Vil (improvisation)        03:06
    09.    O Bli Hos Meg        03:56
    10.    Bridge Over Troubled Water (extended)        06:58

    password: twol

    Troubled Water has already won two of Norway's official film awards for 2007 (it was nominated for six), as well as walking away with the Audience Award at the 2008 Hamptons International Film Festival -- which I find a little surprising. Audience awards almost always go to feel-good movies (even sometimes to good feel-good movies) but Troubled Water is too complicated a film to fit easily into that category...
    Organ music is also a highlight of the film (one character is particularly adept at it and we hear a lovely organ rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water"). The cast of a half-dozen lead players (two of which are shown above and two more below) and as many again in supporting roles is -- to a man, woman and child -- excellent...

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