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Marin Marais: Pieces de Viole du IV Livre, 1717 - Jordi Savall and others - 2006. 2 SACD (PCM 24bit-192kHz + RedBook rip)

    SACD to PCM 24bit-192kHz | WV, TRACKS | 1.85GB
    EAC-RIP | WV, IMG+CUE, LOG | 559MB
    MP3 LAME VBR-245 V0 | 178MB | COMPLETE SCANS | 140MB
    Classical | Label: AliaVox | Catalog Number: AVSA 9851 A+B
    RAR 3% Rec. |,,

    Label - Alia Vox
    Alia Vox is the Early Music label set up in 1998 by specialist Early Music repertoire conductor and Viola da Gamba player, Jordi Savall. The label features specialist recordings of medieval and Renaissance music with a detailed approach to authentic performance styles and period instrument use. Savall and his wife Montserrat Figueras regularly record for the label with their ensembles Hesperion XXI, Le Concert des Nations and the vocal group La Capella Reial de Catalunya. The Alia Vox catalogue now numbers in excess of 75 titles and Alia Vox have created a mid price series, the Heritage Collection for the re-issue of earlier recordings such as Savall’s recordings of Handel’s Water Music and Monteverdi’s Vespers. The Alia Vox catalogue also includes the highly succesfull soundtrack to the 1991 film 'Tous les Matins du Monde', featuring Savall, Figueras and Le Concert des Nations

    To celebrate Marin Marais' 350th birthday, Jordi Savall has made his first complete recording of Marais' most intricate work: the Suitte d'un Goût Etranger. As indicated in the detailed liner notes, these 33 pieces offer the quintessence of the art of Marais, with fascinating titles like La Rêveuse (The Dreamer), La Singulière (The Special), La Bizarre (The Weird), La Superbe (The Proud), including the final Badinage, full of nostalgia. No other work in the baroque repertoire surpasses this fabulous 'Suitte'.
    Chamber Finalist
    Super Audio CD
    Hybrid Multi-channel
    (SACD - 2 discs)
    In stock - usually despatched within 1 working day.

    disc 1:

    01. Marche Tartare, IV.55 02:11

    02. Allemande, IV.56 02:11
    03. Sarabande, IV.57 02:50
    04. La Tartarine, IV.58 00:57
    05. Double, IV.59 01:12
    06. Gavotte, IV.60 01:42
    07. Feste Champêtre, IV.61 05:45
    08. Gigue la Fleselle, IV.62 02:26
    09. Rondeau le Bijou, IV.63 05:58
    10. Le Tourbillon, IV.64 01:39
    11. L'Uniforme, IV.65 01:24
    12. Suitte, IV.66 00:56
    13. Suitte, IV.67 02:24
    14. L'Ameriquaine, IV.68 04:21
    15. Allemande pur le Sujet et Gigue pour la Basse, IV.69 02:36
    16. Allemande l'Asmatique, IV.70 01:41
    17. La Tourneuse, IV.71 02:36
    18. Muzette, IV.72 05:00

    disc 2:
    01. 1. Caprice ou Sonate IV.73 05:29
    02. 2. Le Labyrinthe IV.74 10:51
    03. 3. La Sauterelle IV.75 02:33
    04. 4. La Fougade IV.76 04:06
    05. 5. Allemande la Bizare IV.77 02:42
    06. 6. La Minaudiere IV.78 01:56
    07. 7. Allemande la Singuliere IV.79 02:34
    08. 8. L'Arabesque IV.80 04:49
    09. 9. Allemande la Superbe IV.81 03:01
    10. 10. La Reveuse IV.82 07:39
    11. 11. Marche IV.83 02:01
    12. 12. Gigue IV.84 01:20
    13. 13. Piece Luthee IV.85 01:42
    14. 14. Gigue la Caustique IV.86 01:53
    15. 15. Le Badinage IV.87 03:55

    This SACD-Set is grandious. Jordi Savall and friends give us such pleasure that I cannot imagine a better recorded album.
    The reason for the extremly touching result of the SACD is first of all the music: The genius of Marin Marais' gamba music lies in his omnipresent, but not too aparent melancholity. In every piece, be it as virtuous or quick as possible, there is a touch of bittersweet feeling, making gooseflesh to the listener. I will not pick out several pieces because all are a treat for themselves. In addition, Savall plays so extremly delicate that it is a complete delight. His musicality, sense for style and, of course, virtuosity is beyond every criticism. His music making is divine, not from our world. His combatants, Marc Hantai, Rolf Lislevand, Xavier Díaz-Latorre, Philippe Pierlot and of course Pedro Estevan, are the best accompanist possible.
    But also the technical side of this album is so great, so perfect, so splendid that there is no way around this SACD. Manuel Mohino, one of Savalls prefered sound technicans, has created an warm, gorgeous and dazzling sonic stage, with Jordi in the centre and his co-musicians around him. Recorded propably with DPA microphones (as the most of Savalls CDs), you can hear everything. Everything means, that you hear the noises of the fingers, page-turning, breath etc. and this gives the sound such an vibrancy that you feel almost like in St Michel en Thierache, France, where the recording sessions took place in August and September 2006. And this in already in stereo! In multichannel this is again better (of course). There you REALLY are in the french church.
    So I hope that every music lover or audiophile will buy this SACD Set soon!!!
    PS: I guess to hear the album after a long and exhausting, or frustrating day. You'll see, this album whith is the best consolation you can imagine

    Performers: Pierre Hantaï (harpsichord); Xavier Díaz-Latorre, Rolf Lislevand (theorbs, guitars); Philippe Pierlot (bass viol); Andrew Lawrence-King (harp 'di tre ordine'); Pedro Estevan (percussion); Jordi Savall (bass viol)

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