Monday, October 25, 2010

Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique: C. Munch, Boston SO (SACD. 2006) (PCM 24bit-192kHz + RedBook rip)

    SACD to PCM 24bit-192kHz | FLAC, TRACKS | 2.25GB
    MP3 LAME VBR-245 V0 | 100MB | COMPLETE SCANS |  38MB
    Classical | Label: RCA Living Stereo | Catalog Number: 67899
    RAR 3% Rec. |,

    His overwhelming natural affinity for French music made Charles Munch an ideal conductor for Berlioz's swirling tour de force Symphonie Fantastique. Perfectly capturing the drama, romance and philosophical angst in which this masterpiece is marinated, Munch takes the Boston Symphony Orchestra on an epic journey of proportions only possible in the human heart and mind. A classic, reborn in vivid Living Stereo.

    01. Symphonie Fantastique Op. 14 - 1. Reveries - Passions 13:22
    02. Symphonie Fantastique Op. 14 - 2. A Ball 06:11
    03. Symphonie Fantastique Op. 14 - 3. Scene In The Country 13:56
    04. Symphonie Fantastique Op. 14 - 4. March To The Scaffold 04:29
    05. Symphonie Fantastique Op. 14 - Witches' Sabbath 08:47
    06. Romeo Et Juliette (Dramatic Symphony) Op. 17 - Part II - Love Scene 13:20

    Performers:  Charles Munch, Boston Symphony Orchestra

    ...I have always heard good things about this recording. Yet, never owned it in any incarnation before. As a performance, the strongest parts have to be, to me any way, the first and last movements. I dare say, the march to the scaffold is less harrowing than many other recordings. Though, compared to the Paray SACD, this is quite a bit better.
    My benchmark, previous to this, has been the Chicago/Solti recording. Performance wise, I will always enjoy that one for the ferocity of the Scaffold movement and the woodwind/brass playing.
    Don't hesitate to get this if you enjoy a good performance.
    Soundwise, not an amazing release, but from my knowledge of previous versions, it seems better.

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