Friday, March 4, 2011

TACTUS ORGAN MUSIC: Il Rinascimento sull'organo Cipri - Maria Grazia Filippi

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    TACTUS - 2000 - 550003

     The music of this record, ten, intend to be an excursus in the Italian Renaissance through the most significant musical forms by the greatest organ composers. We have, therefore, ricercares, hymn and Magnificat verses, toccatas, canzonas and capriccios. Because of the special relationship between Bologna and Spain (this is the city where Charles the 5th wanted to crowned as emperor in 1519), also two Spanish pieces were included, that is a tiento, the Spanish version of the ricercare, and some glosas, variations that might very well been considered, as practical purpose, hymn verses and will be performed in this way, in alternation with voices. One of the 18th century additions makes it possible to perform these Spanish pages. The first three pieces in the program, Recerchare di maça in bologna, Recerchare di Jacobo fogliano da modena, Rechercada di Jacobo fogliano da modena, belonging to a manuscript intavolatura found in the Archive of the Parish Church of Castell'Arquato, Piacenza, are an uncontroversial evidence that even before the year 1542, when Cipri built the San Martino organ, a real organ ricercare was already existing.

    01. M.A.Cavazzoni - Ricercar 03:16
    02. J.Fogliano - Recerchare I 03:32
    03. J.Fogliano - Recerchada IV 02:06
    04. J.Segni - Ricercar VI 04:07
    05. G.Cavazzoni - Himnus Creator optime 02:02
    06. G.Cavazzoni - Himnus Ave Maris Stella 02:56
    07. Arauxo - V tiento de medio registro de triple 04:55
    08. Arauxo - Tre glosas sobre la Immaculada Concepcion 06:12
    09. G.Frescobaldi - Himnus Ave Maris Stella 04:49
    10. G.Frescobaldi - Magnificat 2t 04:52
    11. G.Frescobaldi - Toccata Quinta 03:55
    12. G.Frescobaldi - Toccata Terza 07:29
    13. G.Frescobaldi - Canzon Terza 04:54
    14. G.Frescobaldi - Capriccio Ut re mi fa sol la 08:26

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