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Nicolas Chedeville - Le Printems ou Les Saisons Amusantes: Les Eclairs de Musique. 2008 SACD (Sony PS3 Rip)

     Sony PS3 SACD to ISO | DST 1bit-2822,4kHz 2.0, 5.1 | 3.01GB 
    Classical | Label: ARTS MUSIC | Catalog Number: 47669-8 SACD
    RAR 3% Rec. |,,,


    01. Le Printems: 1 Allegro 03:31
    02. Le Printems: 2 Adagio 02:27
    03. Le Printems: 3 Pastorello Allegro 03:30
    04. Les Plaisirs de l'Ete: 1 Allegro 03:14
    05. Les Plaisirs de l'Ete: 2 Largo 02:12
    06. Les Plaisirs de l'Ete: 3 La Caccia: Allegro 03:52
    07. La Moisson: 1 Allegro 03:09
    08. La Moisson: 2 Largo 01:53
    09. La Moisson: 3 Allegro 04:00
    10. L'Automne: 1 Allegro 04:46
    11. L'Automne: 2 Largo 01:48
    12. L'Automne: 3 Allegro 03:27
    13. Les Plaisirs de la St.Martin: 1 Allegro 03:03
    14. Les Plaisirs de la St.Martin: 2 Largo 02:44
    15. Les Plaisirs de la St.Martin: 3 Allegro 02:55
    16. L'Hiver: 1 Allegro 03:06
    17. L'Hiver: 2 Largo 02:02
    18. L'Hiver: 3 Allegro 02:39

    In 1739, Nicolas Chédeville, who had already made a name for himself as an adapter of several contemporary works, created a version of "The Four Seasons" including instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy and the musette which were extremely popular in Versailles at that time. The result was a puredivertissement of rural character, unusual instrumental solutions and solo parts for the hurdy-gurdy, violin and flute which demanded considerable technical ability and a great deal of imagination.For the recording on hand the well known hurdy-gurdy player Matthias Loibner could be won who dedicated his work to this instrument since 1990. He is accompanied by baroque violin player Enrico Casazza, recorder player Chiara de Ziller and the Italian ensemble Les Eclaires de Musique, who are especially known for their outstanding baroque interpretations.Enjoy this today rather seldom interpreted and seldom heard repertoire which was recorded with 24 bit / 96 kHz and is now presented on a beautiful Hybrid SACD.
    The press reported about the CD release:
    "A delicious novelty ... It's great fun, and the players of Les Eclairs de Musique clearly have a good time ... The sonics are gorgeous: warmly natural and perfectly in balance, with a certain mellow atmosphere that ideally suits these arrangements"
    "Excellent record. The sound homogeneity, the technical perfection as well as the splendid dialogues of Les Éclairs de Musique are admirable. From the beginning to the end, the balance is maintained, the phrases accurately driven, the sound generous" Répertoire
    "The optimum level of spirited interpretation" MUSICA
    "Forget everything you thought about the Four Seasons, because with this CD, you'll be able to discover a completely new Vivaldi! ... Extravagant sound effects, breathtaking sound combinations ... you'll be thrilled by that sprinkling vivacity" 

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